Revolutionizing the way
you do accounting

iNSYNQ virtual desktops give you access to your business applications any time and from anywhere. One sign-on, one user friendly portal, and all of your cloud and desktop applications including QuickBooks, Sage, Act & Office and hundreds more. 

With iNSYNQ you can access all of your desktop and cloud-based applications on one user-friendly dashboard any time and from anywhere. iNSYNQ virtual desktops offer single sign-on, account provisioning, data storage, and more. As a result you can easily collaborate with clients and employees,  scale your IT resources, and improve the employee on-boarding and off-boarding experience. iNSYNQ virtual desktops increase business security, productivity, and collaboration. Not to mention a built-in disaster recovery plan. With over 500 of the business desktop applications you use and all of your cloud applications available anytime and wherever you’re located, from any device.


Access and share information and business applications with your clients and coworkers. Virtual desktops allow you to login to your desktop applications, like Quickbooks and Sage. You can collaborate with clients remotely, sharing files and documents all with your iNSYNQ virtual desktop. This streamlines your workflows, filesharing, and communication.