Customized Virtual Desktop Hosting for QuickBooks, Sage, Act, Office and nearly any other applications you need.

Accelerate Your Business

We handle the technology so you can do what you do—even better. Deploying a Hosted Virtual Desktop solution across your organization couldn’t be more simple. Our experienced support team works hard to make the setup painless and customized to fit your needs.

Your Data is Secure

Stay confident knowing our Virtual Desktop solutions come with full data security, including enterprise grade anti-virus and automated backups. iNSYNQ’s Desktop-As-A-Service (DAAS) was built by security experts to keep your data safe and your customers happy.

Control Your Costs

Rein in technology spending with fixed rate subscriptions that include technical support. Using Virtual Desktops are an excellent way to reduce IT service costs, hardware expenses and time required to setup each DAAS instance. Roll out the same environment for everyone.

Virtual Desktops from iNSYNQ

iNSYNQ is among the top DAAS providers (Desktop-As-A-Service) in the industry. Our cloud hosted virtual desktops give businesses safe access to their data and applications – such as Quickbooks and hundreds of others, anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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What is a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktops allow organization to enjoy the same experience they are used to having on a standard laptop computer on any device, from anywhere in the world. This is because each virtual desktop is hosted “in the cloud” and securely stored on a network of distributed servers to ensure systems are backed up and always available. And just like with a laptop, users can install software, manage applications, share files, browse the web, all on a familar operating system.

How Do Organizations Use Our Desktop-As-A-Service?

Access Client Data

Many accountants & bookkeepers use Virtual Desktops to access local installations of Quickbooks in order to access client data as well as work collaboratively and efficiently

Simplify IT

IT departments use Virtual Desktops to standardize employee desktop environments, Streamline onboarding & exits, and provide secure access to all of the needed tools.

Increase Product Offering

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use Virtual Desktops as a value-added feature they sell to their clients on top of the other services that they provide. Clients enjoy the benefits.

Securely Work Remote

Employees and contractors are increasingly working remote and bringing their own devices to work. Virtual Desktops give them a unified experice and controlled access to apps.

Multi-site consistancy

Schools and franchises rely on cloud hosted Virtual Desktops to give users a personalized desktop experience and consistant software access no matter where they are.

And So Much More…

Leading Organizations are using Desktop-As-As Service in lots of  innovative new ways.

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