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Quickbooks Online vs Desktop: We’ve done the research for you

You’ve seen the commercials. Small business owners become organized, stable, and tech-savvy after implementing QuickBooks into their day-to-day lives. QuickBooks enables businesses to manage finances, pay employees, and even accept credit cards. QuickBooks is a successful, popular, and quickly growing business, with nearly 1.5 million customers worldwide. But when it comes to implementation, which method is better for your type of usage. We’ll lay it out for you in our Quickbooks desktop vs online showdown.

Although QB has been around for years, the software has recently gained traction with thousands of business owners for its easy to use tools and customization. Business owners can now take control of their business more than ever before. Intuit, the creator of the original desktop version of QuickBooks (a version that was traditionally installed on individual desktops), has taken steps to move their customers to a product they call QuickBooks Online (Accessible by anyone through the browser). Although seemingly easy to use, we believe it’s important for people to explore all of their options before making the switch to ensure the decision is truly right for their business. Here’s why:

We’ve done some research, and this is what we found.

Benefits of the QuickBooks Online product

– Access to QB from anywhere with an internet connect, from any device.

– Offers automation features, such as billing, invoice, and receipts

-Simplified platform, removing or hiding most robust features to streamline simple bookkeeping

 Benefits of traditional QuickBooks Desktop Software

– No monthly subscription fee to Intuit.  You own the license, use it where you want.

– Customization features include the ability to prepare 1099s, leverage 1000s of integrated apps and manage advanced payroll.

– Access Advanced Reporting, preparing a  holistic view of financial operations in moments, without needing to know how to code.

– Generate Sales Orders

– Create Item Receipts

– Calculate Balance Sheets by Class

– Statement Writer

– Inventory Assemblies

– Progress Invoicing

– Partial Purchase Orders

– For Enterprise Desktop Users: Expanded list limits allows you to track 100,000+ customers, vendors and inventory items and employees.

It all adds up:  We Found A Way to Combine the Best of Both Worlds in the Quickbooks desktop vs online battle

Business owners often find themselves having to choose between the features they want and the freedom of mobility they desire.

However, with Insynq’s QuickBooks hosting solutions, you can get the best of both worlds.

While desktop has some of the best customizable features and the better financial package for serious businesses, the desktop version does not allow mobility for users. When using a virtual cloud desktop, however, all users can access their QuickBooks from any device no matter where they are.

Take Your Entire Office With You

Third party desktop software, such as Microsoft Office, Dynamics CRM, Adobe Reader, and Google Chrome, can all be brought with you. Specifically for your small business, we found that QuickBooks connects with business tools such as SmartVault, Bill.com, and Fishbowl, all of which can be accessed by Insynq. All of your data and software can be securely accessible from one convenient location, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

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