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Business Software Hosting Services

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Move Your Business to the Cloud

Software hosting from InsynQ offers several key advantages for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses looking to adopt cloud hosting and virtual desktops will find these advantages just as beneficial as mid-size to large business cloud adopters. Software hosting allows your company to access their vital applications and data from any machine or device anywhere in the world. Geographic location is no longer a factor with hosted software as co-workers are able to access and edit data in real-time for a supreme level of agility and efficiency from anywhere using nothing more than an active internet connection.

Virtual desktops provide a hub for the software hosting service. Users log in via the internet and access a Windows based desktop which looks exactly like what they are used to working on everyday. Software hosting is easy to setup and operate requiring no technical expertise on the part of the user. The level of security provided with InsynQ's cloud hosting service is often much better than any business can afford to implement themselves. Our highly trained engineers monitor the servers and backup data 24/7 to ensure everything remains safe, secure and intact. Software hosting from InsynQ provides a supreme sense of security for all businesses and companies looking to adopt a cloud solution.

InsynQ Software Hosting

InsynQ hosts over 300 different applications which are used by professionals of all types. From accountants to retail businesses, lawyers to tech companies, InsynQ has a software hosting solution to fit your business' needs. Below is a list of some of the more popular Business Software Hosting Solutions available for Cloud Hosting with InsynQ.

Microsoft Office Software Hosting  

Microsoft Office Hosting

Microsoft Office remains the cornerstone of almost every business. Professionals rely on tools like Word, Excel, and Outlook for day-to-day operations. Microsoft Office hosting from InsynQ allows you to access the software from any machine or device regardless of location while providing the ability to edit and share data between users in real-time. Learn more...
Microsoft Exchange Software Hosting  

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Get the most out of this powerful communication tool with InsynQ's Microsoft Exchange hosting service. Software hosting keeps your entire workforce connected while providing the latest and greatest in data security via InsynQ's enterprise-class servers, along with redundant information backup and virus protection. All provided for one low monthly fee. Learn more...
Microsoft Project Software Hosting  

Microsoft Project Hosting

Streamline your operations with flexible work management solutions by Microsoft Project. This software hosting solution is ideal for companies looking for a resource to plan, manage, organize, and collaborate on business projects and endeavors. Microsoft Project hosting allows a supreme level of agility and security to the already powerful software suite. Learn more...
Microsoft Dynamics Software Hosting  

Microsoft Dynamics Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software hosting gives your business the ability to best service your clients with the most up-to-date information edited in real-time by staff members, regardless of their location. Microsoft Dynamics allows professionals to nurture customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and acquisition by providing intuitive and automated information databases. Learn more...
Sage ACT Software Hosting  

Sage ACT! Hosting

Sage ACT! is a powerful CRM tool used to simplify the customer acquisition and retention process by providing an intuitive database of information relevant to your customers. With Sage ACT! software hosting, these details are updatable on the fly and from any location, machine, or device. Discover the power of Sage ACT hosting with InsynQ. Learn more...
Goldmine CRM Software Hosting  

GoldMine CRM Hosting

GoldMine CRM is the workhorse of contact management, sales and marketing automation. With GoldMine software hosting your staff is given 24/7 access to the vital business intelligence data from any computer or device using nothing more than an internet connection. Eliminate the hassle and burden of server and network installations and maintenance with InsynQ's GoldMine hosting. Learn more...
Results Software Hosting  

Results CRM Hosting

Results CRM is an award-winning business management solution which goes beyond most typical CRM products by allowing professionals a complete software package solution encompassing all aspects of their company. Results CRM software hosting from InsynQ allows your business an unparalleled level of agility, flexibility, and security. Learn more...


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