Content & Social Media Marketing Specialist

Mon, Jul 18, 2016 by April Prestegord


To help Insynq elevate its’ unique brand voice in the industry by developing new, fresh, and interesting content as well as building a new image across all major social media channels.

Ideal Characteristics:

1. In-person and online social grace.

2. Editorial and/or journalistic skills. The ideal candidate is most likely already very actively blogging, writing, and posting on social media.

3. Sense of humor.

4. Authenticity. This is a key pillar of the Insynq brand.

5. The ability to tell a story in a captivating way.

6. An eye for fresh and relevant material (curation) and a finger on the pulse of pop culture.

7. Ability to multitask and wear multiple hats when necessary.

8. Empathy.

9. Analytical mind. The ideal candidate measures success of campaigns/content and looks for optimization potential constantly.

10. Collaborative – Doesn’t work in a silo. Regularly exchanges feedback with team members and is open to constructive criticism.

Technical Competencies:

1. Understanding of WordPress and some basic HTML/CSS is a plus.

2. Experience using Facebook and Twitter paid advertising tools. AdWords a plus.

3. Google Analytics and other tools to measure campaign successes and failures.

4. Google. We don’t want to ever have to send you a “Let me Google that for you” link.

5. Intermediate or above understanding of technical SEO best practices with the desire to learn more.

About Insynq

Insynq has been in business since 1997 providing customized cloud solutions to business & professionals of all sizes across North America and beyond. Our corporate offices are located in Gig Harbor, WA just 45 minutes south of Seattle. The marketing department at Insynq enjoys good food, animated gifs, and sarcasm, but also is consistently focused on producing results. However, if second-lunch doesn’t sound appetizing to you, it may not be a great fit.

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