Software Developer

Wed, Jul 13, 2016 by Jesse Landry


To be a primary contributor to the stabilization and enhancement of the current iQ platform, as well as the ongoing development of our next iteration.


1. Ramp up on current software product and work independently on new features, bugs and enhancements to the iQ platform within 2 months of hire date.

2. Demonstrate clear understanding of current software architecture and identify 2-5 key ways to improve it within 6 months of hire date.

3. Implement the conversion of 2-5 key features of the codebase to use rest-based services within 1 year of hire date.

Technical Competencies:

1. 1-2 years experience in developing software with python.

2. Experience with or exposure to python-based web frameworks such as Django or Flask.

3. Comfortable with object oriented programming and unit tests.

Professional Competencies:

1. Communication skills – You are able to articulate your subject matter weather in writing, graphically or orally.

2. Always learning – Quickly acquires new skills and continues to explore new technologies and ways to apply them.

3. Problem solver – To be able to methodically break down a problem, explain how you did it and then to create a solution that is easily communicated back to the team with clear outcomes.

4. Results-driven – Always striving for excellence and going outside the comfort zone to get things done.

5. Collaborative – Doesn’t work in a vacuum. Regularly exchanges feedback with team members and is open to constructive criticism.

6. Honest and accountable – Clearly communicates ideas, progress and challenges. Speaks plainly and truthfully.

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