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Drake Tax Hosting

  Multi-User Access to the Powerful Tax Software Suite from Anywhere, Anytime  








Drake Tax

Drake Tax software allows CPAs and Accountant Firms to prepare any tax return with ease whether it be personal or business, federal or state. Drake will save time and money and ultimately help the tax professional to process more returns. The tax application is built to help users quickly and effortlessly enter data, process forms, and navigate the interface. Drake's powerful tax software suite keeps track of all previous returns and pulls information quickly and effortlessly from them when needed. It also runs a wide array of diagnostics in order to ensure there are no errors or issues that would cause an IRS rejection or problem with the return. Drake software contains every form needed and has a huge reference support database built in to answer any questions that may arise during tax filing preparation.

Benefits of Drake Hosting

Drake Tax hosting offers a multitude of advantages to an already powerful software suite. Cloud hosting offers users the ability to access their programs and files from any machine or device using nothing more than an internet connection. This means that no matter whether you are using an iPad, Mac, PC or smartphone, your information is accessible from anywhere you are. The advantages of this benefit are immediately evident. Drake hosting will allow the tax professional to address a client's questions or concerns from wherever they are. No longer must a client be told that they will be contacted when the financial professional has returned to their home office. Instead, said professional can now access this data and pull up the information requested at the drop of a hat.

In addition to the agile accessibility offered by Drake hosting, users are also granted the ability for real-time editing. This means that all changes made are updated instantly and accessible by all registered users. Drake hosting thus offers a flexibility previously unavailable to those operating the tax software from in-house servers.

Managed IT Services & Drake Tax Hosting

Drake hosting allows all of the aforementioned to be accomplished with no hassle to the business or professional. Backups and updates of Drake Tax are done on a regular basis by InsynQ’s team of experienced engineers, eliminating the need for your office to waste time performing these tasks. Having Drake Tax hosted offsite means never having to manage expensive servers thus reducing your business’ overall IT costs. The time and money saved on these tasks quickly adds up making the decision to run Drake hosting in the cloud easier than ever.

InsynQ's Drake Tax Hosting Provides:

  • Multiple users can access and edit files and hosted Drake Tax data in real-time.
  • Access to the popular tax software suite using nothing more than an internet connection from anywhere, anytime.
  • Managed IT Services providing benefits such as automated backups and constant updates.
  • Completely customizable allowing users to implement any number of add-ons or extensions.
  • Drake hosting includes 24/7 technical support available at no additional charge.
  • Universal functionality with all devices using nothing more than an active internet connection.


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Drake Tax Hosting


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