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Lacerte Hosting

  Multi-User Access to the Powerful Tax Software Suite from Anywhere, Anytime  








Lacerte Tax

Intuit’s Lacerte Tax software is an ideal solution for Accountants and CPAs working with individual and business clients. Lacerte Tax allows professionals to complete more returns in less time by integrating data seamlessly in an intuitive and attractive user interface. All clients are listed and can be seen at once, organized in customizable columns. The steps are then set up in a logical manner which mimics the common flow of a tax return making the process easy to learn and operate. The simplified workflow of Lacerte Tax allows the tax professional to speed through preparations for any type of return and finish much faster than ever before.

Benefits of Lacerte Hosting

Lacerte hosting offers a huge advantage for professionals looking to maximize their efficiency and compatibility. Using Lacerte in the cloud allows you to access the software from any machine or device 24/7 no matter where you are located, using nothing more than an internet connection. This means that no longer must all accountants gather for in-office meetings or travel long distances to work together on client tax returns.

Operating hosted Lacerte software will also allow for multi-user access and grants each user the ability to edit in real-time. The administrator is given full control over which accountants can access or edit which files in an easy-to-use interface. This means that with Lacerte hosting the accountants permitted can all access the same account at the same time, seeing each change as it’s made. No longer must companies pass physical files back and forth between each user internally. Lacerte hosting offers a new level of communication and efficiency previously unavailable to the tax professional.

Managed IT Services

Lacerte hosting allows all of the aforementioned to be accomplished with no hassle to the business or professional. Backups and updates of Lacerte Tax are done on a regular basis by InsynQ’s team of experienced engineers, eliminating the need for your office to waste time performing these tasks. Having Lacerte hosted offsite means never having to manage expensive servers thus reducing your business’ overall IT costs. The time and money saved on these tasks quickly adds up making the decision to run Lacerte hosting in the cloud easier than ever.

Lacerte Tax Add-Ons Available in the Cloud

Lacerte Tax is a highly extensible application that can be expanded with add-ons such as Lacerte tax planner, Lacerte tax analyzer, Lacerte document management systems and Lacerte trial balance utility. All of these add-ons are available in the cloud and work seamlessly with Lacerte hosting from InsynQ. Choosing to have these add-ons hosted allows tax professionals to operate the full version of their Lacerte Tax software with all of it’s add-ons no matter what computer or device they are using at the time.

InsynQ's Lacerte Hosting Provides:

  • Access to the powerful tax software suite from anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple users can access and edit files and Lacerte Tax data in real-time.
  • Managed IT Services providing benefits such as automated backups and constant updates.
  • Completely customizable allowing users to implement any number of add-ons or extensions.
  • 24/7 technical support included at no extra charge.
  • Universal functionality with all machines and devices using nothing more than an internet connection.



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Lacerte Tax Hosting


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