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Managed IT Services

  Saving Time and Money with Cloud IT Services from InsynQ  








Cloud IT Services

Managed IT services allow your company or organization to refocus it’s resources on client and business building efforts. When you decide to outsource the management of your cloud IT services, be sure to choose a trusted, reliable provider that has the experience to handle some or all of your IT needs. As a provider that has been offering hosted applications and managed IT services in the cloud since 1997, InsynQ has more experience and knowledge than any other cloud provider. When you take the burdens of IT management out-of-house, you’ll save time, money and therefore have the ability to focus on your core business.

Hosted Servers, Applications and Exchange

With managed IT services, you no longer have to worry about managing the technology that you and your employs require for work. If you have an in-house server, you probably know how time consuming and costly it can be to run and maintain technology yourself. Not only are the servers a pain, but purchasing applications and then performing installs, updates and upgrades can be frustrating. Move some or all of your IT to the cloud and let InsynQ take care of everything from backing up your data to setting up new employees on an Exchange server.

Key Features of Cloud IT Services:

  • Professional Software Installation
  • Managed Application Updates & Upgrades
  • Add Apps, Disk Space and More As Your Business Grows

Your Dedicated Support & Engineering Team

When you outsource the management of your technology, you get the equivalent of your own IT department that is dedicated to the management, maintenance and support of your computing resources. With a managed IT service, you'll experience less overall downtime and faster resolution to any problems that do occur. InsynQ Engineers continually monitor servers so we can fix or address issues with your cloud IT services before they become a problem.

Key Features of Support Included with Managed IT Services:

  • Enterprise-Grade Firewalls & Virus Protection
  • 24/7 Support From Certified Engineers & Support Staff
  • Data Backup With Disaster Recovery

Why Choose Virtual Desktops As A Cloud IT Service

Don’t get confined to working at one location with your apps and data. InsynQ Virtual Desktops allow you to work from anywhere, anytime you have internet access. Cloud IT Services allow Everyone at your company to access and work on the same data at the same time. With managed IT services from InsynQ, you’ll not only reduce operational costs, you’ll also give yourself the ability to be more productive by moving your applications and data to the cloud.

Key Features of Cloud Application Services:

  • Anywhere Anytime Access To Apps & Data
  • Add Or Remove Users As Your Business Needs Change
  • Collaborate With Coworkers Regardless Of Geographical Location

Reduce Costs, Reduce Complication

In-house servers can cost a lot of money to run, manage and maintain. Software upgrades take time. Plus, even with security measures in place you can still loose valuable data and files to unforeseen disasters. This is where cloud IT services can help. InsynQ’s expertise of server management allows hundreds of servers to be maintained economically. Advancements have been made in the world of cloud computing that have the potential to reduce costs while allowing for better services. InsynQ has a long history of making strides in the world of managed IT services which help businesses of any size to take advantage of software, hardware and other computing resources that are typically more than the average business can afford.

Key Features of Cloud Computing with a Managed IT Service:

  • Managed IT Service Takes The Burden Of Technology Off Your Plate
  • Cloud Computing Is A Monthly Service, Requiring No Large Up Front Costs
  • Add Users & Apps By Simply Placing An Order

A Customizable IT Solution

Online applications are great for completing individual tasks on the go. But what if you want the applications and software you use to integrate with other software? With a customizable IT solution from InsynQ, you can have all of the apps, data and tools on one platform. All you need to do is log on to your cloud IT services hosted by InsynQ and you're ready to start being productive in an agile environment.

Key Features to Cloud Computing Agility:

  • Have Apps Tested For Cloud Usage
  • Move SQL Software To A Cloud Server


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Cloud IT Services

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