Managed Service Providers

Many MSPs have partnered with iNSYNQ to expand their product portfolio with application hosting and virtual desktop services. They wrap our capabilities with their own value added services to deliver exceptional
customer value. These are a few of our outstanding partners in this program.

MSP Partner ECi Software

ECi Software Solutions

ECi Software Solutions provides end-to-end business management software and services, focusing on cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi has served small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and field service organizations.

MSP Partner DataNet Pacific

Computant/DataNet Pacific

DataNet Pacific is a Hawaii based Information Technology Company dedicated to providing IT services to small and medium size businesses.
DataNet Pacific provides secure, and tailored managed services, cloud hosting, data backup, network security solutions and tech support that fulfill client’s business needs.

Certified Applications for Cloud Hosting

iNSYNQ has tested hundreds of applications to make sure they meet or exceed enterprise standards for performance in our hosted environment. These are just a few of them.

iNSYNQ Certified Application QuickBooks
iNSYNQ Certified Application Webgility iNSYNQ Certified Application MS Office
iNSYNQ Certified Application Chrome
iNSYNQ Certified Application iNSYNQ Certified Application Tableau
iNSYNQ Certified Application Adobe
iNSYNQ Certified Application Sage iNSYNQ Certified Application ACT!

CloudRunner Authorized Web Applications

Hundreds of applications can be deployed, authorized for employee use and managed through CloudRunner. These are as small sample of the vendors and solutions that have been tested and certified for use on our
next-generation web application management platform. 

CloudRunner Authorized Application Avalara
CloudRunner Authorized Application Basecamp CloudRunner Authorized Application HandiFox
CloudRunner Authorized Application Salesforce
CloudRunner Authorized Application MailChimp
CloudRunner Authorized Application SurveyMonkey
CloudRunner Authorized Application HubSpot CloudRunner Authorized Application HammerZen

Strategic Partnerships

We seek partnerships with a wide variety of organizations that allow iNSYNQ to deliver greater value to our clients, serve additional markets and operate more efficiently.

Strategic Partner Intuit
Strategic Partner Okta
Strategic Partner Microsoft