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Results CRM Hosting

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Results Software Hosting

Results is an award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that also encompasses a comprehensive enterprise-level business management solution. This means not only does Results allow you to capitalize on all leads and strengthen customer relations, but it provides overall support to your business as well. Results CRM Business Suite Software focuses on every aspect of business including sales, marketing, service delivery, scheduling, project management, timesheets, billing, invoicing, order tracking, payment history, and relationship management. Results Software will manage every aspect of your business with an emphasis on the most important asset: the customer.

Results CRM Software Hosting

Results CRM hosting provides your business and it's employees a level of agility and accessibility unlike any other. Having Results CRM hosted means gaining access to your important customer and business data from anywhere, anytime. No longer must your sales staff operate blindly when away from the office. Using any device, whether it be an iPad or computer, the sales team can now login and access their Results data just as if they were back in the office. Information is updated instantly and universally, meaning any changes made by the team in the office or the staff on the road are visible immediately in real-time. This gives your staff the most up-to-date information which can be vital when attempting to secure a large client or finalize a business transaction.

IT Service Management

The benefit of Results cloud hosting extends into cost savings as well. Results CRM hosting reduces hardware and IT costs dramatically. Instead of purchasing expensive Windows servers and machines to power the office, your business pays a small monthly fee to have this done for you. This saves on hardware costs as well as employee costs by allowing your business to cut spending in it's IT department. All of the server management, upgrades, updates, data backup and virus protection is taken care of for you behind the scenes. InsynQ's team of professionals and expert engineers are constantly monitoring data and keeping software up-to-date. The cost savings with IT service management allow your business to focus time and resources into other areas, ultimately making the business more profitable.

Data Protection and Security with Results Hosting

Results CRM hosting provides a level of data security that most SMBs simply cannot afford. InsynQ's servers are encrypted with top-level authentication protocols which are monitored and updated 24/7 by our team of certified engineers. All information present in the cloud is backed up redundantly and constantly, meaning no matter what happens in your office you can rest assured that your Results CRM data is safe and secure. This offers an added benefit of protection from any sort of disaster which may strike your office, whether it's theft, fire, or any other unforeseen circumstance which can result in permanently lost data. Therefore, Results CRM hosting offers a sense of protection and security that no other in-house solution can offer.

Results CRM Software Hosting Benefits:

  • Access your customer relationship management software from anywhere.
  • Multi-user real-time editing allows your company to work in the field with the most up-to-date information available.
  • Updates installed and anti-virus monitoring done behind the scenes by certified engineers
  • Integrates with every-day software deployable in the cloud including QuickBooks, Office, and SmartVault.
  • 24/7 technical support included with no additional fees.
  • Complete functionality using any device: PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.




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Results Software

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