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Sage 50 Hosting

  Anywhere, Anytime Access to Sage's Powerful Accounting Software Suite  


Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

Sage 50, formerly known as Peachtree, is an easy to use accounting software solution recommended for small businesses with under 50 employees. It provides all of the accounting tools and functions that an experienced bookkeeper needs to run a business while keeping the process easy with an intuitive interface. Sage 50 Accounting allows business owners and accountants to easily manage cash flow, payments, collections, and budgeting. Inventory tracking and report generating have never been easier with Sage 50. Just as Peachtree, Sage 50 Accounting is well known for simplifying the accounting process and minimizing errors while maximizing productivity.

Sage 50 in the Cloud

Sage 50 Hosting Benefits

Sage 50 cloud hosting offers a plethora of key advantages to help your business function with improved agility while saving a great deal of time and money. Sage 50 hosting means having access to your software and data with full functionality from any machine or device located anywhere in the world using nothing more than a working internet connection. Users are able to login from their PCs in the office, laptops on the road, iPads in an airport, or any other combination of machine and device from any feasible location.

Sage 50 Hosting ProviderThe benefit to having instantaneous access with your hosted Sage 50 is instantly apparent. In addition to this, those utilizing Sage 50 hosting from InsynQ are given the ability to access and edit their data in real-time along with peers and clients alike. Gone are the days of emailing large files only to have to update them from Excel spreadsheets moments later. Never again will your business be forced to mail CDRs or flash-drives full of information to accountants, peers or clients. Instead, Sage 50 hosting allows all permitted users to see this data and run reports, edits or perform any other functions desired instantaneously.

Accessing Hosted Sage 50 Accounting on your Virtual Desktop

The process is simple: access the login portal, perform a quick and painless download (only required once per machine and never again afterwards), and you are instantly transported to your virtual desktop. On this desktop you will see everything you are used to: a start menu, shortcuts to the files and programs you use frequently, and whatever other customization you may like to add to your Windows virtual desktop. This means that with Sage 50 hosting from InsynQ you are also able to incorporate other productivity tools or add-ons used in conjunction with the powerful accounting software. Microsoft Office, CRM tools, or any other software you would like hosted is available in the cloud and accessed from the same desktop housing your hosted Sage 50 Accounting software.

Securing Sensitive Accounting Data

The most common concern financial professionals and businesses have with Sage 50 hosting is the issue of security. It is common to hear of data hackers and file loss from intruders looking to steal sensitive financial information. However, the biggest misconception is that this is easier for hackers to accomplish when businesses adopt Sage 50 cloud hosting. In reality, the vast majority of these instances occur within internal frameworks. That is, small businesses who adopt and attempt to manage their own in-house server systems are much more likely to be victims of data theft.

Sage 50 cloud hosting offers a level of security unobtainable by most SMBs. InsynQ employs a large team of highly certified and trained engineers who specialize in data protection. These engineers adopt top-level and state of the art authentication protocols and monitor the data 24/7. With Sage 50 hosting, your information is stored on servers protected in facilities that most businesses could never afford to maintain. These data centers come complete with guards, camera monitoring and key-card only access. The information on these servers is backed up redundantly and constantly, ensuring that not only is your hosted Sage 50 data safe from theft but disaster as well. Should anything ever happen to your computer or office you can rest assured your hosted Sage 50 Accounting files are retrievable and entact. Essentially, Sage 50 hosting with InsynQ gives your small to mid-size business access to data protection and security that normally would only be available to the largest corporations in the world.


Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Allows You to:

  • Access accounting files from anywhere, anytime, using any machine or device.
  • Coordinate and communicate like never before with co-workers and clients by editing data in real-time.
  • Gain automatic updates and security protection from certified engineers working beind the scenes, 24/7.
  • Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Technical Support included at no extra cost from our HDI certified support team.
  • Generate reports or send data to accountants from the road or office.
  • Focus money and time on other areas of your business by working with a Managed IT Service instead of an in-house solution.
  • Integrate your data and accounting software with other major software suites and add-ons/extensions in the cloud.
  • Work from the office, home, or road with no loss of functionality or productivity.


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