Lacerte Tax Hosting

Lacerte Tax Available Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device

Hosting Lacerte Tax in the cloud gives you the freedom, agility, and control you need as a professional, while also allowing you to access and edit data in real-time with your clients and peers. The elegant solution of Insynq’s customized cloud allows you to bring all the software you need into one simple-to-use container and invite others to join you. Experience true mobility and freedom with your cloud, your way.

All the software you need together, no matter what
Access a desktop just as you would in your office, wherever you are
Works identically on a Mac, Windows PC, iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
Our US-based 24 hour support team is standing by and ready to assist
Cloud Hosting for Professionals

Why Insynq?

The power of Insynq’s customized cloud solutions can give you the freedom to work how you want, when you want, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Bring all of your software and data and put it in one convenient container where you can get to it no matter where you are via our simple and intuitive workspace no different than your office computer would function.

Whether you’re a Mac user at home, on a PC at work, or on a family member’s tablet from the road, you now have the ability to get to all of your desktop software and data just as if you were in the office. On top of this you get access to server hardware that moves at blazing speeds, giving you a better and more secure experience than you could otherwise build on your own.

Lacerte Tax Hosting Features

Use any device: Mac, Windows, iOS or Android
Access from anywhere: road, office, home or otherwise
Work with and/or shadow clients & peers in real-time
Save money on expensive server hardware & upkeep