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With Sage 50 hosting from Insynq, all of your data and software can be accessible and secure from one convenient location, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Every application you wish to integrate can be included, making your customized Sage 50 cloud a container for everything you want. Customizable collaboration in real-time with co-workers, clients, and peers gives you complete freedom and total control.

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Integrate your data and accounting software
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Why InsynQ?

Utilizing Sage 50 hosting from InsynQ gives you the ability to access and edit your data in real-time, along with your peers and clients. Gone are the days of emailing large files only to have to update them from Excel spreadsheets moments later. Never again will your business be forced to mail CDRs or flash-drives full of information to accountants, peers or clients. Instead, Sage 50 hosting allows all permitted users to see this data and run reports, edits or perform any other functions desired instantaneously.

Insynq Cloud Security


Sage 50 cloud hosting offers a level of security unobtainable by most SMBs. Insyna employs a large team of highly certified and trained engineers who specialize in enterprise-grade data protection. These engineers adopt top-level and state of the art authentication protocols and monitor the servers and data 24/7. With Sage 50 hosting, your information is stored on servers protected in facilities that most businesses could never afford to maintain. These data centers come complete with guards, camera monitoring and key-card only access.

Our data centers are SSAE 16 SOC II certified, HIPAA compliant, and secure. The information on these servers is backed up frequently, ensuring that not only is your Sage 50 cloud data safe from theft but disaster as well. Should anything ever happen to your computer or office you can rest assured your hosted Sage 50 Accounting files are retrievable and intact. At Insynq, we protect you better than you can yourself.

Sage 50 Hosting Features

Sage Cloud Hosting
Access all your software & files from wherever you are.
Sage Cloud Hosting
Works just the same on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
Sage Cloud Hosting
Coordinate & communicate like never before with co-workers and clients by editing data in real-time.
Sage Cloud Hosting
Gain superior enterprise-grade security data protection, & backup services included with your service.



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