How to Add a Dropbox Shortcut

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How to Add Your Dropbox Shortcut to Your Customized Cloud

If you have a Dropbox account, you most likely have a shortcut on your local computer’s desktop to access Dropbox. This article assumes that shortcut is in place and will walk you through the process of adding it to you Insynq Cloud Desktop as well.

Step One: Sign into your Insynq Customized Cloud. Open “File Explorer” and navigate to your local computer’s Dropbox folder.

Step Two: Right click on the folder “Dropbox” and select “Create Shortcut.” A shortcut will be created within the folder.

Dropbox Shortcut to Customized Cloud screenshot

Step Three: Click and drag the shortcut icon to the desktop icon located on the left shortcut window of File Explorer. A pop-up window will ask to confirm you wish to “copy to desktop.” Confirm and navigate to your cloud desktop.

Step Four: Right click on the shortcut for Dropbox and select “Properties.” Copy the entire contents from the box next to “Target,” including any quotation marks. Paste this into the box next to “Start in.” This will ensure that the shortcut remains on your desktop each time you sign in and out of your customized cloud.

dropbox shortcut file save screenshot

Step Five: Other things you can do: Drag a copy of the new shortcut into the “Quick Launch” area of your toolbar.

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Step Six: You can also drag a copy of the shortcut into your “favorites” area within File Explorer.

Step Seven: If you wish to change the icon so that it looks different than a normal folder, right click the shortcut. Select “Properties” and then click on the tab that reads “Shortcut.” Click on the button in this window to “Change Icon…” A window will open, allowing you to select the icon of your choice.

dropbox change icon steps screenshot