Changing Your Display Settings

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How to Adjust Your Display Settings and Enable Multi-Screen Displays

Our cloud desktops support up to 14 screens with a maximum shared resolution of 4069 x 2048.  The following tutorial will teach you how to enable multi-screen displays, change your cloud desktop’s display resolution and enable Smart Sizing, which will on Windows based machines allows the user to drag the edges of a cloud desktop window, adjusting to the changes without having to log out.

Step One: On your local machine, sign in by clicking the “Sign In” link in the above menu, or going to:

Step Two: Click on the “Preferences” tab in the upper-right corner of the window.

display setting steps Preferences tab screenshot


Step Three: Click on “Display” in the menu on the left of the next screen.

display setting screenshot


Step Four: You can adjust the size of your cloud desktop by manipulating the slider under “Screen Resolution.”

Screen Resolution display setting screenshot


Step Five: You can also make your cloud desktop a custom size by sliding the bar all of the way to the right and then entering your desired desktop dimensions in the boxes named “Width” and “Height.”

display screen resolution Width and Height screenshot


Step Six: To enable multiple monitor support, check the box on the bottom of the screen next to “Span multiple monitors while in full screen mode.”

Span multiple monitors full screen mode screenshot


Step Seven: To enable smart sizing, check the box next to “Enable smart sizing for non-seamless sessions.”

Enable smart sizing non-seamless sessions screenchot


Step Eight: When finished with your changes, click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom, and then choose “OK” on the next screen.

Step Nine: You can now click the “Applications” tab in the upper right corner of the screen, and proceed to log in to your customized cloud. Your changes will be applied upon doing so.

customize cloud display Applications screenshot