QuickBooks Email: Configuring QuickBooks to Send Emails

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How to use QuickBooks Email to send Invoices, Reports and Bills.

This tutorial will teach you how to configure QuickBooks email to send email using the settings available from your email provider.  Before beginning the step below, be sure that you have the following information available:

1.) Your email address
2.) Your email password
3.) The name of your email provider
4.) The name of your email server (available from your email provider)
5.) The outbound email port (available from your email provider)

Step One: Open QuickBooks and click on “Edit.”

QuickBooks Email: Getting Started screenshot


Step Two: Select “Preferences.”

QuickBooks Email: Opening Preferences screenshot


Step Three: Click on “Send Forms” and then click “Add”.  This is where you will configure QuickBooks Email.

QuickBooks Email: Configuring the Account screenshot


Step Four: Select the box next to “Email ID” and then enter your email address.

QuickBooks Email: Enter email address screenshot


Step Five: Select the box next to “Email Provider” and choose your provider from the list.

QuickBooks Email: Selecting Email Provider screenshot


Step Six: If necessary, select the box next to “server name” and enter your email server name, available from your email provider.

QuickBooks Email enter server name screenshot


Step Seven: If necessary, select the box next to “Port” and enter the port number, available from your email provider.

QuickBooks Email: Setting a Port screenshot


Step Eight: Click “OK” in each of the subsequent windows (up to 3 times). Your QuickBooks company file is now configured to send emails! Now let’s run a test.

Testing Your Email Settings in QuickBooks

After configuring your QuickBooks company file to send emails, we advise you to follow these next steps to test your new configuration.

Step One: Click on “Reports”

QuickBooks Email: Sending a report screenshot


Step Two: Click on “Report Center.”

QuickBooks: Opening the Reporting Center screenshot


Step Three: Click on “Run” for any of the reports shown.

QuickBooks: run to show reports screenshot


Step Four: In the report window that opens, click on the down arrow next to “E-mail” and then click on “Send report as PDF.”

QuickBooks Email: Sending a Report screenshot


Step Five: Select the box next to “To” and enter your email address, then click “Send.”

QuickBooks Email Template screenshot


Step Six: Enter your email password in the window that pops up and click “OK.”

QuickBooks Email Credentials screenshot


Step Seven: If successful, a window will open indicating success. Check your email for receipt of the message. If it was not received, go back to the beginning of this tutorial and check your settings for accuracy.