Apple & Android Getting Started Guide

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Getting Started with an Apple or Android Device

The following installation guide will walk you through the process for configuring the software needed to access your virtual desktop from devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones.

Step One: Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for the vWorkspace App.

iOS App Link: Click Here

Google Play App Link: Click Here 

workspace app get started screenshot

Step Two: Determine from the following list which domain to enter.



Canadian Users on Server 2003 or 2008:

USA Users on Server 2003 or 2008:

Server 2012 Users:

3.0 Users:





workspace enter location screenshot Step Three: Determine which location to select from the following list based on your environment.



Canadian Users on Server 2003 or 2008: CPAASP.CA

USA Users on Server 2003 or 2008: Insynq NW US

Server 2012 Users: Insynq

3.0 Users: CloudLogin

Once Selected, Click Next.





workspace enter credentials secrrenshots

Step Four: Enter your sign-in credentials.

At this step you may be asked to enter a “Domain” as well after your password. If you’re asked to, refer to the following list to select the appropriate domain:

Canadian Users on Server 2003 or 2008: NW

USA Users on Server 2003 or 2008: NW

Server 2012 Users: SEA

3.0 Users: Cloud





workspace home page screenshot
Step Five: 
Click on the icon that you would normally click on to launch your cloud desktop.