Locating Files in Your Customized Cloud

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How to find your files on your cloud desktop

There are three key locations (four if you have clients that use Insynq cloud desktops also) to locate your data.

1.) On the desktop
2.) In “My Documents”
3.) In “My Shared Data” (also known as the Shared S: Drive)
4.) If you have clients underneath you, you can access their data through shortcuts placed in the aforementioned “Shared Drive.”

Step One:To find the data that is private to your login, double click on “My Documents” on your cloud desktop.

cloud desktop find documents screenshots


Step Two: To find that data that you share with your co-workers, double click on the “My Shared Data” folder located on your desktop.

cloud desktop shared data screenshot


Step Three: To locate the data for your clients that also have their desktops hosted with Insynq underneath you, double click on the shortcut that matches your client’s company name within the Shared Data (S:) drive.

cloud desktop client data file screenshot