Locating Your QuickBooks Company File

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How to Locate Your QuickBooks Company File From Your Customized Cloud

Each time that you add a new QuickBooks company file, or upgrade to a new year of QuickBooks, it is essential to locate the company file and open it one time manually.  Once you have completed this series, Quickbooks will automatically track the last five company files that you had opened.

Remember, if you need more assistance, please contact support at 253.857.9410 and one of our member support technicians will be happy to assist.

One: Double click on “My Applications” on your customized cloud desktop.

You can drag the shortcuts to your desktop.  Or you can right click on the icon and “pin” it to your task bar.

QuickBooks Company: My Applications Icon screenshot


Two: Double click on the QuickBooks application you wish to work in.

If you are uncertain which version of Quickbooks that your company file is created in, please contact your accountant, Pro-Advisor or admin.

Locating version of QuickBooks application screenshot


Three: Click on “Other Options” in the “QuickBooks Setup” window and then select “Open Existing File.”

Navigate the QuickBooks Welcome Screen screenshot


Four: Click on “Open a company file” in the “Open or Restore Company” window and click “Next.”

Select Open a Company File screenshot

Five: Click on the drop down menu next to “Look in,” select “My Shared Data (S:),” and click “Open.”

As a side note, it is strongly suggested that all QuickBooks company files be saved on the shared S: Drive, to ensure the best backup and recovery options.

Navigate to the My Shared Data S: Drive screenshot


Six: Click on the desired QuickBooks company file in the following window, and then click “Next.”

Select your QuickBooks Company File image


Seven: Log in to your company file. Success!

Enter your QuickBooks Credentials screenshot

One last note, you may be required to log in using the company file Admin user name to update the database file.  This is normal when moving up to new versions or upgrade editions.  You will be prompted to create a new backup and will be asked permission to proceed.  If you need assistance upgrading your QuickBooks company file, please call member support at 253.857.9410 . One of our technicians will gladly assist  you.