Mac Getting Started Guide

Mac Getting Started Guide

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Getting Started with Insynq on a Mac

The following installation guide will walk you through the process for configuring the software needed to access your virtual desktop from any machine running the Macintosh Operating System.

Step One: Click here to download the vWorkspace Client for Mac.

Step Two: Locate the file that you downloaded in the downloads folder next to your trash can on you application bar.  It should look like a blue folder.  When you click on download folder, it will expand, showing the vWorkspaceConnectorforMac_7.7 file.

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Double clicking on the folder named “vWorkspaceConnectorforMac_7.7” opens Finder, displaying the vWorkspace Connnector 7.7.dmg.

Double clicking on the vWorkspace Connector 7.7.dmg will  mount the installation package.  Find and click on the icon on your desktop shown above, which will open the following window. 




CTRL-Click or Right Click on the “vWorkspace Connector” and select Open.  A warning popup will appear.  Click “Open”

Step Three: Click the “Install” button to continue.



The Installer will be installed on your computer, and a success dialogue will appear.



Step Four: Click “Close.”

Success! The program will now be installed and prompt you when completed. Click the “Close” button to continue.

Step Five: Login from the website at