Windows Virtual Desktop: Guide to Getting Started

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Getting Started Installing your Windows Virtual Desktop

The following installation guide will walk you through the process for installing the software needed to access your cloud-based Windows Virtual Desktop from any machine. Additionally you’ll be able to run any modern operating system on your new windows workspace, including the older, but still popular, “virtual desktop windows 7” installation.

Step One: Click Here to Download the vWorkspace Client

Step Two: Open the downloads folder and locate the vasclient32 icon 

Windows Virtual Desktop downloads folder image




Step Three: Right click and run as Admin

Right Click to Run As Admin screenshot







Step Four: Launch the .exe file downloaded and follow the prompts to install.

Windows Virtual Desktop installation wizard snapshot for installing cloud


Step Five: When the installer launches, click “Next” to continue.

Snap for License Agreement when installing the Windows Virtual Desktop


Step Six: Choose to Accept the Terms for usage of the vWorkspace software and click “Next.”

Customer Information screen competition snapshot for installing the Windows Virtual Desktop


Step Seven: The Wizard will now ask for User Name, Organization, and which users to install for. Please leave everything here as is and simply click “Next.”

Snapshot for choosing destination folder when installing Virtual Desktop on windows


Step Eight: Select the destination to install the software onto your local PC and typically accepting the default location will suffice.

Setting up Credentials Pass-Through when installing a Windows Virtual Desktop


Step Nine: On the next window, leave the box to “Enable Credentials Pass-through” un-checked and click “Next.

Choosing Shortcut options when installing Virtual Desktop on the PC


Step Ten: Un-check the option to create an AppPortal Shortcut on your Desktop.
NOTE: If you wish to have a sign-in shortcut on your windows desktop, simply navigate to the Sign-In page and find the “Create Desktop Shortcut” option in your browser’s menu.


Installing Workspace Connection for Windows Virtual Desktop

Step Eleven: Click Install to begin installation of the software.

Installation of Virtual Desktop on Windows PC complete

Step Twelve: Success! Click Finish to complete the installation process and you are now ready to access your customized Windows-based virtual desktop in the cloud. 

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you run into trouble setting up your Windows Virtual Desktop don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing support team. They can provide you with a free online walkthrough of your virtual desktop and cover differences between setting up the different versions of the Windows Virtual Desktop. Insynq offers an array of windows workspaces to fit a variety of needs. our virtual desktop windows 7 installation is still one of our most sought-after hosted cloud solution.