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Challenges for Accounting and Financial Services

Do Benefits Outweigh Risks? In all their forms, cloud computing services offer clear benefits in terms of constant accessibility, security and support. But these kinds of services also present their own risks, some of which seem to directly contradict their benefits. A persistent worry for new cloud adopters is security – and while one reason…
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The Cloud is Many Clouds

The “cloud” is simply a term for remote storage of data on third party servers, so that a company doesn’t have to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure to manage all aspects of data storage and other essential functions. For that reason, many clouds exist, maintained by a growing number of cloud service providers worldwide –…
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The Evolving Cloud

The Cloud Provides the Framework The network is at the core of interactivity in the Internet of Everything. It needs to offer a scalable and reliable framework that can support the movement and storage of constant masses of data flowing from billions of linked, smart devices. Instant Access The amount of data generated by all these…
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Accounting in the Cloud: New Challenges and New Opportunities

Cloud computing offers businesses of all kinds new opportunities to expand their reach and redefine their brands. At the end of 2017, IT experts predicted that by 2020, cloud computing will be the default for business data management, and overall, the growth of cloud services and cloud technology continues to far outstrip the growth of…
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The Internet of Everything: the Next Step

The term “Internet of Everything” describes a more complex, interactive digital world that encompasses not only the machine to machine connections of the Internet of Things, but also a communications between machines and people (M2P) and between people (P2P) with the assistance of technology. By incorporating people and processes into the world of constant connectivity,…
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The Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

Some computer experts claim that by 2020, the number of everyday devices that are connected to the Internet could reach 50 billion, with some placing that number at closer to 200 billion. AI and “Smart” Technology Constantly exchanging information at the rate of billions of terabytes per second worldwide, these devices can affect nearly every…
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