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3 Reasons Why Accountants Need CRM

3 Reasons Why Accountants Need CRM Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is all about figuring out how interactions with your customers affect your business. Once you have that information, you can work on building up the positive and tweaking the negative. Of course, no part of this concept is new to you, right? You’ve been…
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Check Your Cloud Security Industry Standards Now

Check Your Cloud Security Industry Standards Now Whether you find yourself in the majority camp or not, most companies now outsource their business tasks and cloud security industry standards requirements to a third-party cloud service provider. That is what we do here at Insynq. We provide small and medium-sized businesses access to all the software they…
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Mobile Workflow For Business: The Future Has Arrived

Mobile Workflow: The Future Has Arrived Your customers expect you to be using the latest technology so that their interactions with you are quick, convenient, and easy. Your employees expect you to allow them the flexibility to achieve a work-life balance at a time when business is conducted at any time and anywhere. How are…
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