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Cloud Computing Offers Greater Protection

Cloud resources offer higher security, greater flexibility, and improved cost-effectiveness for many small and mid-sized businesses. Consider how much of your company’s software may already be cloud hosted. Email providers, social media sites, image hosting sites, and even common office productivity software such as QuickBooks can be hosted in the cloud. Cloud hosts install extensive…
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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Solutions

Virtual Locks, Doors, and Alarms: Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Businesses

Now that you understand the risks, threats, and items of value, it is time to assess your current cybersecurity levels. If you have not given cybersecurity any thought until this moment, you have plenty of company. As previously cited, 87% of SMBs feel they are immune to attack. The time to protect your company’s assets…
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Threat Definitions: Name and Know the Enemy

What constitutes a cybercrime? The definition in common parlance is broad and vague, encompassing any crime that takes place online. SMBs face the following common threats: Phishing Scams consist of emails that cloak themselves in the logos and content of respectable, known companies. Criminals trick people into voluntarily resetting their passwords, thus disclosing their usernames and…
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How the Bad Guys Profit—What Are They After?

What are they after? We’ve mentioned several items of interest to criminals. Some are obvious: social security numbers, dates of birth, customer names, credit card numbers. Others may surprise you. Criminals hack into company computer systems for any number of reasons, including: Access to other SMBs’ data. If your business uses QuickBooks hosting online, for…
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Cyber Threats: Who Is at Risk?

The threat of cyber-attacks continues to rise worldwide. So why are small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) so nonchalant about it? While 87% of respondents on a Manta survey reported feeling immune to attack, reports of ransomware attacks cost businesses an average of $713,000 per attack. Clearly, there’s a disconnect between SMBs’ risk perception and the actual threat. Business…
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Get Covered – Cyber Insurance For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Get Covered – Cyber Insurance For Small and Medium Sized Businesses Yes, there’s one more thing you need to worry about as a small- or medium-sized business owner, and it’s not the fact that you could be targeted by cyber criminals. It’s insurance. You already know about insurance policies that cover fire or water damage.…
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