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How a Virtual Desktop Will Enhance Your Business Practices

  Executive Summary In a rapidly evolving, digitally driven global marketplace, businesses of all kinds face unprecedented challenges to productivity and profitability. Faced with issues such as budget constraints, the demands of managing a diverse and far-flung workforce, and the pressure to remain competitive, companies small and large are finding that the practices and processes…
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Why your business should be in the cloud- part 2

The Cloud Supports Integration Cloud technology makes it possible to collaborate and share data anywhere in the world. Innovations in cloud-native applications support integration with existing legacy systems, as well as other platforms and applications in the cloud. Wide-ranging integration lets users maintain local systems along with cloud services for a hybrid cloud solution, and…
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Multiple Cloud Solutions Bring New Challenges

Multiple Cloud Solutions Bring New Challenges Cloud computing in general offers an affordable and efficient alternative to local computing. Hybrid and multi-cloud alternatives can offer those advantages too. Likewise, a multiple cloud strategy can address many of the ongoing concerns about security and data protection in the cloud. But both hybrid and multi-cloud solutions can…
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The Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud: Comprehensive Solutions from Combined Resources The hybrid cloud is a combination of a public or private cloud service that manages a company’s data and computing functions on remote servers and a network of on-premises computing facilities managed by the company’s own IT professionals. The hybrid cloud is a cloud services management strategy…
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4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud

4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud Cloud technology is not the future. It’s now. It’s everywhere.  So, what is this cloud anyway? Don’t feel bad if it all sounds like rocket science to you. Sometimes just getting past the terms and definitions can prove daunting. No worries, though. Cloud computing may…
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Who Owns Data? Staying On The Right Side Of Privacy Laws

Who Owns Data? Staying On The Right Side Of Privacy Laws So, you’re well on your way to moving your business to the cloud. You’ve figured out how to go mobile, serve your clients, and attract the best staff. Now that everything is chugging along smoothly, you should probably take a moment to check on…
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