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Why should your business be in the cloud?

Should your business be in the cloud in 2018 and beyond? Chances are, it should – and here are 10 reasons why. Cloud computing offers businesses of all sizes and industries a way to reduce IT costs, conserve resources, and connect individuals and entities around the globe for collaborating, sharing information and coordinating services at…
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Staying Connected in The Cloud

Staying connected to your employees and clients is important. That’s why having the right technology is important. With the right cloud hosting provider your power to stay connected to all your necessary tools is limitless. Below are four reasons why it’s vital to have a cloud to stay connect to your business. Having a cloud…
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Add Your Virtual Desktop To Your Mobile Device

Our support staff frequently gets asked how to configure the software needed to access virtual desktops from mobile devices. The process is quick and easy using a free app. Following are the five steps to securely access your virtual desktop from iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, and other mobile devices. Install the vWorkspace app…
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6 Reasons Why Accountants Use Sage

6 Reasons Why Accountants Use Sage Accountants, and other finance professionals, have a lot on their plates every day. You meet with clients, confer with staff, and generally make sure that your business is humming along as it should. I’m sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that we’ve got ways…
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