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Stop worrying about your IT and focus on what you’re best at. Work from home, share files with employees, collaborate with clients, and stay compliant, all with iNSYNQ. Find out more about how we can help you specifically based on your industry.

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There’s a good chance some of your business is already in the cloud with applications like QuickBooks or Sage. But there’s also a good chance that your business isn’t secure with its own cloud, leaving it open to a security breach. Keep your data secure and clients happy with Insynq. With iNSYNQ, have peace of mind knowing your data, and your client’s data, is secure, backed up, up to date, and fully functioning. Read more about how we’ve helped other businesses below.

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How Virtual Desktops Work in Your Industry


With iNSYNQ’s special cloud framework, an instructor can keep all the students work separate while giving the instructor the ability to login from home and grade their work. Students no longer have to find a computer lab on campus to complete homework. Neutralizing students different operating systems (some have mac, some have windows) makes instructing easier in the cloud. 

Education Industry

The e-commerce industry requires a streamline of communication on all fronts between the warehouse and the office. With Insynq’s cloud, employees can communicate effeciently with shared applications and data on the cloud. Managing inventory, tracking shipments, and maintaining multiple locations has never been easier.

E-Commerce Industry
Financial Services & Accounting

Manage your accounting practice, employees and clients, all from a virtual desktop. With iNSYNQ, communicating with employees and keeping clients informed is easier. Hosting all of your applications in the cloud allows you and your clients to share files, tax forms, and data, from anywhere. Streamline your practice with clients local and far away. 

Finance Industry
Legal Services

The legal field requires keeping clients informed and getting them accurate information at all times. With a virtual desktop, keep all of your information secure and share large files with employees and clients from anywhere, to keep your clients informed and win cases. Reduce the time spent with IT and misinformed clients by making it easier to share information when you need it.

Legal Industry

Handling special situations for your clients that require instant gratification is easy on a virtual desktop. Keep your data secure, backed up, and compliant, in the Insynq cloud. Spend less time dealing with IT and more time with your firm running smoothly to keep your clients happy. Share images, large files, and signatures with employees and clients. 

Case Study: Insurance

In the construction industry, firms must stay up to date with communicating with clients, creating estimates, purchasing materials, and managing labor. Work from the office or the field with Insynq’s cloud to make your daily tasks easier. Host all of your applications and collaborate with employees on documents in the cloud. Spend more time focusing on your job and not IT.

Construction Industry

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Lower Your Costs

Cloud computing brings enterprise-scale infrastructure to small and medium sized businesses. It levels the playing field between SMBs and larger enterprise organizations, enabling smaller businesses to compete cost effectively with larger players. The cost savings and revenue-growth opportunities cloud computing affords SMBs is significant. In a survey of small businesses in the U.S. conducted by Exact and Pb7 Research, small businesses that moved to the cloud doubled their profits and achieved 25 percent additional revenue growth com­pared to their contemporaries that had not moved to the cloud.


Improve Your Security

Hosting company data on remote servers makes it easy for all authorized users to have access, regardless of location, time, or other circumstances. Company data is always backed up and protected from the types of problems that beset local storage, ranging from natural disasters to ransomware attacks. In addition, iNSYNQ offers a full slate of services for managing that data to meet a company’s specific needs.


Improve Customer Service

A recent study revealed that by 2020, customer experience will trump price and product choices as the key differentiator among brands. In a digital world where people are used to unlimited, constant, and immediate access to any product, information, and service they want, companies operating on standard legacy systems will miss opportunities to expand the reach of their brand and build long-lasting relationships with customers. In this fast paced, on-demand environment, cloud computing offers the tools and services for improving the customer experience – and in turn, for boosting company growth.


Simplify IT Management

It’s simple. With iNSYNQ, you are given a virtual desktop that you can access anywhere, anytime, from any computer (or tablet) with an internet connection. This means you can access your files, forms, emails, and applications anywhere. As cloud computing becomes the norm for efficient and economic business computing, the role of software-as-a-service (SaaS) will also expand and evolve your business. 


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