Cloud Hosting for E-Commerce

E-Commerce in the Cloud

The e-commerce industry requires a streamline of communication on all fronts between the warehouse and the office. With iNSYNQ’s cloud, employees can communicate effeciently with shared applications and data on the cloud.

Work From Anywhere

Work from anywhere, on any device on the cloud with an internet connection. Access your desktop applications and files from the office or the warehouse.

Manage Inventory

Be able to know and manage all inventory counts and place orders at all times. Create status updates to syncronize the warehouse and the office.

Share Files

With Insynq’s cloud, share files, documents, forms, and applications with employees at the warehouse and the office.

Spend Less Time on IT

Spend less time trying to figure out your IT or the costly IT guy. Leave your IT woes to us.

What we did for The Wise Co.

“All of our hardware and software, other than Sage 100, was outdated and needed to be replaced. We had to make the decision to either pay a bunch of money to replace it, or move to the cloud. The decision to move to the cloud was that we have many locations that manufacture our products but if we (at headquarters) had internet problems or an outage, the whole company would be down. We needed multiple redundant power sources and the safest and most economical choice was the move to the cloud.”
David Elder
The Wise Company
Cloud computing offers a long list of benefits for businesses of all kinds, from lower costs to improved security and uninterrupted access to tools, data, and services.
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The impact cloud computing has on the traditional IT role can’t be overstated. Cloud computing isn’t an evolution of IT. It’s a revolution within IT.

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Be sure to take all of these factors into account when you are deciding how to take your business into the cloud. Consider all of these critical issues to make sure your transition is successful

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What We Can Do For You

Customized Cloud

With iNSYNQ’s customized cloud, we work for you. We will create a custom solution that works best for you and your business, unlike the ‘one size fits all’ cloud solutions other providers offer. Only pay for what you nee.


We back up our servers every day. Your data with Insynq’s cloud is protected from cyber threats. Leave your IT troubles with us, we’ll take care of it.

US-Based Support

iNSYNQ’s tech support is available 24/7 and is located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Unlike other providers, Insynq’s Tech Support can be reached via phone, chat, or email.  We work for you.

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