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Virtual Locks, Doors, and Alarms: Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Businesses

Now that you understand the risks, threats, and items of value, it is time to assess your current cybersecurity levels. If you have not given cybersecurity any thought until this moment, you have plenty of company. As previously cited, 87% of SMBs feel they are immune to attack. The time to protect your company’s assets…
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Threat Definitions: Name and Know the Enemy

What constitutes a cybercrime? The definition in common parlance is broad and vague, encompassing any crime that takes place online. SMBs face the following common threats: Phishing Scams consist of emails that cloak themselves in the logos and content of respectable, known companies. Criminals trick people into voluntarily resetting their passwords, thus disclosing their usernames and…
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How To Block DDoS Attacks In The Cloud

How To Block DDoS Attacks In The Cloud Who doesn’t love the Internet of Things? You know that network of technology that allows a company’s fleet of vehicles to sense each car’s mileage, speed, and mechanical health? Or maybe your office is equipped with a smart thermostat that can reduce your monthly energy bill because…
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