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Benefits for Better Business Practices

In either VDI or DaaS form, adopting a virtual desktop strategy can enhance a company’s business practices in several key ways. Along with company-specific benefits such as reduced IT costs and improved productivity, the virtual desktop can reduce waste and support sustainability. Virtual Desktops are Economical For businesses struggling with budget constraints, virtual desktop technology…
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Checklist for Finding the Right Cloud Provider (CSP)

Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on cloud service providers (CSPs) to help accelerate their growth. A CSP provides smaller enterprises with greater business agility to respond to competitive pressures, to exploit advances in IT, and to enter new markets and grow their businesses. This white paper lays out questions SMBs should ask…
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The Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

Some computer experts claim that by 2020, the number of everyday devices that are connected to the Internet could reach 50 billion, with some placing that number at closer to 200 billion. AI and “Smart” Technology Constantly exchanging information at the rate of billions of terabytes per second worldwide, these devices can affect nearly every…
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Check Your Cloud Security Industry Standards Now

Check Your Cloud Security Industry Standards Now Whether you find yourself in the majority camp or not, most companies now outsource their business tasks and cloud security industry standards requirements to a third-party cloud service provider. That is what we do here at Insynq. We provide small and medium-sized businesses access to all the software they…
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7 Reasons Why Cloud Technology Is The Future For SMBs

7 Reasons Why Cloud Technology Is The Future For SMBs It can all seem so overwhelming sometimes. Yours is just a small- or medium-sized business. Your just trying to give your customers the best service you can. Yet, the technology around you seems to be allowing those bigger companies to pull further ahead faster.How can…
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5 Ways To Avoid A Ransomware Attack

5 Ways To Avoid A Ransomware Attack Ransomware attacks have been in the news a lot lately. The latest one to hit gave the National Health Service in Britain a horrible headache. But, you don’t have to be a large institution to be affected. The nature of a ransomware attack is that it is totally…
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