5 Tips To Help You Move Your Business To The Cloud

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5 Tips To Help You Move Your Business To The Cloud

The accounting and financial services industry is changing like never before. Gone are the days of desktop computers and in-office client meetings. Tasks are now completed anytime, anywhere.


You mean that’s not your reality? Well, you’re not alone. Many (if not most!) accounting and financial services businesses still find themselves tied to their desks. But, it really doesn’t need to be that way. More importantly, it can’t continue to be that way.

If you’re hoping to attract a new generation of clients, you’re going to have to untether yourself and your employees. I know that can be scary and confusing. How will you manage your business and your employees if they’re no longer showing up for work? That’s a legitimate worry. So, let’s walk through it.

Although most of us have come to accept that Millennials are completely at home with the idea of 24/7 access to goods and services, the generations that came before them are also coming to expect that same type of attention to their needs. Your clients aged 50 and over are just as likely to want ongoing and easy access to your expertise. Your current and future employees are going to expect a different approach to work-life balance.

Remember this: giving your clients and your employees what they want is easier than you might think.

Your business clients, in particular, want to be able to record their expenses and receipts on the go. They want to be able to manage their financial data from their mobile devices. They also want to have access to their tax and financial documents at any point during the day or night or weekend. That kind of access can put tremendous stress on your business and your employees.

As an accounting or financial services firm, you should be looking at cloud technology as a way to navigate the new normal.

Secure online software allows you to offer your customers a better service. Convenience and access are what customers are looking for from the businesses they frequent. The fact that you’re offering that better service will help you attract a younger and savvier set of clients. It may also help attract employees who can better connect with the next generation of customers.

– Online software, like Quickbooks, will solve a number of problems for you.

– Share client data with employees across a secure network.

– Create better analytical reports.

– Easier messaging between you and your clients. You can even record and file those encrypted messages directly under a client’s file.

– Access data when you’re not in the office. Solving problems for clients in real time is key to good customer relations.

– Receive up-to-date information on changes to tax laws and trends that you can use to improve your clients’ tax experience and financial planning needs.

Cloud technology is new territory for many accounting and financial services firms. But, customers are already there. The best part of this new normal is the fact that accessing online software actually ends up saving your business money. You’re not setting aside a large budget to buy and update software. You don’t even need to hire an IT team to set up and maintain the system for you. You will, however, be locating your business exactly where it needs to be for future growth.

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