Collaboration Is Key – 4 Tips On Making It Work

Collaboration Is Key – 4 Tips On Making It Work For Your Business

Technology has simplified so many of the processes we use in running our businesses day-to-day. It allows us to collaborate effectively on projects. We can use software, like Quickbooks, to keep track of sales, tax forms, and any other type of financial information you need to record, calculate, and file.

You can access software that helps you keep track of all your customer data and gives you the freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

Moving all or part of your business to the cloud can improve customer service, staff morale, and your bottom line, especially since you don’t have to hire your own IT department.

For all its functional qualities, relying on technology can have its drawbacks. If you’re not careful, you can lose touch with your customers.

Clients love being able to access the information they need whenever they want and wherever they happen to be. You may already be providing that service to them. But, what happens when your clients contact you directly because they have a question or problem?

How prepared is your customer service department to handle whatever customer request comes their way?

Check your own customer service readiness against this list of best practices.

– Customer service is all about collaboration. Your clients may have questions about any part of your business, including how secure their data is or even how to fix a log-in problem. Train all your employees how to answer the most common customer questions and complaints. Make sure they know to whom to direct problems that are outside of their expertise.

– Share customer feedback. Sure, clients can sometimes say things we don’t want to hear. Take a deep breath and share it with your whole staff anyway. In fact, we recommend making a habit of sharing both the good and the bad. Recognize staff who’ve gone above and beyond the expected to make a client feel appreciated. Learn from the negative comments. Who knows? Maybe your staff will come up with an innovative solution they might have otherwise missed. Bring all your staff together to discuss customer complaints. Collaboration among departments will open the door to new and vibrant solutions and points of view.

– Be personable. While social scientists everywhere may be lamenting the loss of the art of conversation thanks to our dependence on technology, you and your staff are personality … well … personified. This is where your staff and your clients collaborate to come up with the best solution for both of you. Collaborative techniques, like making conversation and chatting about the weather, will help the customer relax. Be empathetic. Your customers would rather not spend their time calling you. Don’t keep them hanging on the line. Make sure the phone connections are as clear as possible. Do everything possible to solve their problems and make them feel like they are valued human beings.

– Show your staff lots of love. Now it’s your turn to collaborate with staff to improve their morale. Dealing with customer questions and complaints can take a lot out of a person. Treat your staff to compliments, perks, and bonuses. Cloud technology allows your staff to work from the office or from home. So, if possible, give them the option of being where they’re most comfortable. The result will be better customer service and more willingness to collaborate over all.

You don’t have to go over the top and offer your clients unimaginable customer service. You just need to communicate that you’ve heard them, that you understand their pain, and that you’re doing x, y, z to fix it right now.

What customer service problems have you run into?


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