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Why your business should be in the cloud- part 4

The Cloud Encourages Innovation For in-house systems, innovation and experimentation can be an expensive risk. But the cloud makes it possible for businesses of all kinds to access new, cloud based technology as it becomes available to the service provider, and to incorporate innovative solutions to cloud storage and security as cloud environments and user…
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Checklist for Finding the Right Cloud Provider (CSP)

Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on cloud service providers (CSPs) to help accelerate their growth. A CSP provides smaller enterprises with greater business agility to respond to competitive pressures, to exploit advances in IT, and to enter new markets and grow their businesses. This white paper lays out questions SMBs should ask…
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Staying Connected in The Cloud

Staying connected to your employees and clients is important. That’s why having the right technology is important. With the right cloud hosting provider your power to stay connected to all your necessary tools is limitless. Below are four reasons why it’s vital to have a cloud to stay connect to your business. Having a cloud…
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Pro Tip: MS Office Desktop vs Online

Pro Tip: MS Office Desktop vs Online If you’re like most SMBs, you probably live and breathe Microsoft Office. You might use the software’s (Excel) spreadsheet applications daily to keep track of spending. MS Word might be your go-to for your company communications, and PowerPoint might help you present your ideas at meetings. If that…
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Start Your Business Off Right … In The Cloud

Start Your Business Off Right … In The Cloud I don’t have to tell you that there’s a lot that goes into starting your own business. You’ll spend countless hours figuring out how you’re going to sell your product or service. You’ll have to work out how many employees you’ll need to hire, and what…
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4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud

4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud Cloud technology is not the future. It’s now. It’s everywhere.  So, what is this cloud anyway? Don’t feel bad if it all sounds like rocket science to you. Sometimes just getting past the terms and definitions can prove daunting. No worries, though. Cloud computing may…
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