Mobile Workflow For Business: The Future Has Arrived

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Mobile Workflow: The Future Has Arrived

Your customers expect you to be using the latest technology so that their interactions with you are quick, convenient, and easy. Your employees expect you to allow them the flexibility to achieve a work-life balance at a time when business is conducted at any time and anywhere. How are you managing it all?

Most accounting and financial services firms are working with old technology and a limited budget. Add to that the suspicion that going digital can put your clients’ confidential data at risk. Some businesses aren’t sure if allowing employees to work remotely is the right path. The thought of moving forward toward a mobile workflow can seem truly daunting.

The reality is that despite your fears, if you hope to gain new clients, attract the best employees, and grow your business, you’re going to have to go where these people live – in the digital world.

For most accounting and financial services firms, workflow involves managing documents, projects, tasks, and billing. One of the keys to success for small- to medium-sized business is keeping a handle on all of those processes. Let’s go one better. Maximizing how efficiently your business manages those processes will result in direct benefits to you. Imagine not having to deal with work duplication, siloed departments, documents that can’t be easily located when needed, and lack of overall transparency. Using online software – like Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft – for accounting, tax preparation, and customer relationship management can reduce the amount of time you spend moving papers. Not to mention the fact that you’ll improve communication among staff, and you’ll be available to your clients at their convenience.

The core of your business is now much more than accounting and financial services. Your business is all of that plus your relationship to processes that make your business more efficient, more transparent, and a better workplace. In the not so distant future, mobile workflow will be inextricably tied to business.

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