Sage Summit 2016 Recap

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Our Week in Chi-Town, Ready to Tackle Sage Summit

The Insynq team arrived 8 deep on Monday after a nice and mellow early-morning flight. Fueled by coffee and excitement, we rushed off to find what we had come for: deep dish pizza.

Sage Summit 2016 with Insynq

The Insynq team, ready to spread the great news about the platform.

The buttery deep pie crust did not disappoint.

After filling up on pizza and accidentally ordering far too much, the Insynq team headed out to the Sage Partner event to enjoy some entertainment and networking.

The New Insynq

Day one was a huge success for Team Insynq at Sage Summit. Having recently launched a new website, with an entirely new brand that is ripe with authenticity and a unique position, we were eager to show off what we had been working so diligently on behind the scenes. So we strapped on our golden iQ t-shirts and headed off to our newly stylized booth to show the attendees what we are all so proud of.

Insynq Sage Booth
The Insynq booth, in all its golden glory

The response was overwhelmingly positive. The team was quite honestly surprised at how many people commented specifically on our branding, and the t-shirt giveaway was a huge success. By the end of the show, we had completely run out of all 600 t-shirts we had brought with us! Not to worry though, we’ve since ordered more. (Need one? Fill out this quick form and request it in the comments!)

Meeting New People

At Insynq, we focus on our own humanity and strive to interact with people on more personable levels. Technology can be such a barrier and often frightening, so our mission is to provide the freedom that people deserve by giving them the comfort they need. Therefore, meeting new people at a show like Sage Summit is what we love best.

Our team learned about what keeps you up at night, what your fears of technology are, and what type of solutions you’re looking for to resolve them. All of this allows us to focus on freeing you up to do what you love most.

Meeting new people at a show like Sage Summit is what we love best.

We enjoyed meeting each and every person of the 15,000 in attendance, but were especially giddy when we were graced with the presence of Mr. Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage. Mr. Kelly was nice enough to stop by, shake hands, and take a picture with some of the team.

Stephen Kelly with Insynq
Stephen Kelly stops by to find out where all those golden shirts were coming from!

The Insynq Cloud Solution

People were surprised to learn the depth of what we offer, and how simple cloud solutions can be with our customizable platform. The Insynq Customized Cloud puts our clients in control of their information universe, allowing them to focus on what matters most. Whatever software you use, whatever data you wish to access, now travels with you wherever you go in one simple container, accessible from any machine or device.

Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage x3 were all common requests for hosting by our audience. All of these software solutions run smoothly in our secure cloud and interact with all other third party software solutions just as you would expect them to on your home or office PC. The crowd was overwhelmed by the message of freedom and the possibilities that shifting their IT burden to a cloud solution could provide them. We have, of course, scheduled many meetings with new friends and acquaintances gained in Chicago in the days since.

Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage x3 were all common requests for cloud hosting by our audience.

Moving Forward

While we aren’t sure where Sage Summit 2017 will be yet, one thing is for certain: we will be there with bells on. The Sage Summit event is not one to be missed, and a fantastic experience to network and learn with peers. It has become, in our opinion, a must-attend conference for the entire SMB community. And while Chicago’s O’hare airport may have been a bit crazy upon departure, the flight delays did allow us one final chance to experience that buttery-crusted deep-dish delight. Chicago, you really understand us well.

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