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The Internet of Everything: the Next Step

The term “Internet of Everything” describes a more complex, interactive digital world that encompasses not only the machine to machine connections of the Internet of Things, but also a communications between machines and people (M2P) and between people (P2P) with the assistance of technology. By incorporating people and processes into the world of constant connectivity,…
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Optimize Your Business Success In The Cloud

Optimize Your Business Success In The Cloud Be honest. How much time do you or your staff waste on duplicate mailings to clients, scrolling through hundreds of e-mails (complete with attachments), performing software updates (or hiring an IT team to do it for you)? Whatever your answer is, it’s time to stop. You have better…
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Optimization With The Right Applications

Finding the right applications can help your business optimize its workflow by making the applications work for you. Manually performing tasks such as creating invoices and processing billing and inventory counts can be super time consuming. In today’s world, SaaS can provide you with many different ways to evolve your everyday business functions. So how…
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Start Your Business Off Right … In The Cloud

Start Your Business Off Right … In The Cloud I don’t have to tell you that there’s a lot that goes into starting your own business. You’ll spend countless hours figuring out how you’re going to sell your product or service. You’ll have to work out how many employees you’ll need to hire, and what…
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Chaos Is Good For Your Business

Chaos Is Good For Your Business Don’t you wish you could predict the future? If you could, you’d never have to worry about what threat to your business might be waiting for you around the corner. Well, I’m about to tell you that you can predict the future … kind of. Chaos theory may have…
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