Optimization With The Right Applications

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Finding the right applications can help your business optimize its workflow by making the applications work for you. Manually performing tasks such as creating invoices and processing billing and inventory counts can be super time consuming. In today’s world, SaaS can provide you with many different ways to evolve your everyday business functions. So how do you find the right application for you and your business?

The preliminary search can being with asking people you know in your industry how they perform a certain task and what application they use. A search on the internet may also help you find what you are looking for.

You can first start with setting a budget that is right for you. Applications can get expensive especially depending on the size of the application you need and also the amount of users. Ask the sales rep if you can rent this application or have to buy it whole? Decide what works for you.

Secondly, make a list of functions that your ideal application could perform. When speaking with the application’s sales rep, ask if it can perform all of these functions. When making this list, be sure to really understand if you are looking to optimize one or more solutions. Ask about their security credentials, technical support, and generally what they can provide for you. Get a deeper understanding if the application is user friendly, and mobile and if it fits into your industry. Ask if this application is custom to your needs or is it one size fits all?

Before making a final selection ask if you can get a trial period and choose the one that fits you the most. If the application performs all of its functions that will save you a great amount of time then consider it as an investment, potentially long term!

Finally, be sure to measure your success for this application and make sure it’s working as it should and can accommodate growth for your business. Get all of the training and become a pro at it. By having a complete understanding of all of the functions the application can provide, the more time you can save with having those functions in place to work for you. Near the end of your trial, get feedback from your team who are users on the application or customers. Read over the user agreement and understand how to cancel if you need to and who owns your data when you do.

If all else does not work for finding the right solution for you, you can always go the alternate route of having a software developed for you and your company. This route will come with a hefty price tag.


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