Optimize Your Business Success In The Cloud

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Optimize Your Business Success In The Cloud

Be honest. How much time do you or your staff waste on duplicate mailings to clients, scrolling through hundreds of e-mails (complete with attachments), performing software updates (or hiring an IT team to do it for you)?

Whatever your answer is, it’s time to stop. You have better things to do with your time. All of those tasks that aren’t typically within your expertise shouldn’t be taking you away from building your business. One of the best ways to reclaim control over your time and resources is to move your business processes to the cloud.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know the best way to focus and reach whatever level of success you’re aiming for is to drop the old IT dependent model and move to the cloud.

cost & benefits

Using online applications will benefit your business in lots of ways that you may not have considered.

• Minimize your electricity use. When your own computer hardware isn’t tasked with housing all of the software you need to run your business, it can run more efficiently and cost your business less.

• Eliminate the in-house IT team. When the software you use is your cloud provider’s responsibility, you won’t need to allot money toward hiring your own IT team. The cloud provider will update and maintain all the software you use.

• Better data security. Cloud providers have developed a secure system to ensure that all your data is safe. Breaches happen much more easily when data is stored on a company’s own computer system.

• Save money. Your business can save a lot of money when you work in the cloud. Instead of purchasing every piece of software you need to run your business, you can pay a monthly fee to the cloud provider and customize your software needs.

• BYOD. You can even develop your own Bring Your Own Device policy. Why buy a computer for every employee when you can allow them to use their own devices at work. We’ll show you how you can help your employees work efficiently from anywhere while still protecting confidential client data.


Every business has its pains. Insynq has just the solution for you. The beauty of applications housed online is how customizable they can be. 

Go partially into the cloud or completely. You decide how much of your business operations should be done via online applications and how much should remain on your own computer systems. This is the kind of flexibility that will allow you to grow your business in the ways that you want.

why businesses love the cloud

You’re an expert in your business field. You’re probably not an expert in payroll or technology or human resources. Yet, you need to be efficient in all of those areas in order to run your business well. Cloud computing lets you turn your full attention back to what you do best. It lets you minimize the time you spend on all those other business tasks you’d rather pass off to others. Your cloud provider will help you set up just the software you need and help you customize it for your own unique business.

Disaster recovery is difficult at the best of times but cloud technology can make it easier. Start by asking us to help you develop the right plan for you. Once that’s done, you can rest assured that the data you store in the cloud is safe from both online breaches and physical disaster. Cloud providers make a point of storing data in separate locations to minimize any possible losses.

Working in the cloud improves collaboration among staff and clients, and it reduces disruption and duplication. Let’s face it, most (if not all!) of your clients are already doing business online. That’s where they expect you to be, too.

Businesses that set up a system that makes it easy for clients to contact staff and access their data anytime and from anywhere have a huge lead over those businesses that aren’t in the cloud yet.

Are you ready? Give us a call! We’ll help you find the right solution for your business.


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