4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud

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4 Reasons Why Accountants Need To Be In The Cloud

Cloud technology is not the future. It’s now. It’s everywhere. 

So, what is this cloud anyway? Don’t feel bad if it all sounds like rocket science to you. Sometimes just getting past the terms and definitions can prove daunting. No worries, though. Cloud computing may sound complex, but it isn’t at all. Moving your business to the cloud just means that you’re opting to use software that lives on the internet instead of on your own work computer. All you need is a device – desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone – an internet service and a password.

Goodbye expensive IT team. No more software compatibility headaches. 

Instead of buying, installing, and maintaining software, like Quickbooks, you’re using all the software you need and more simply by logging into a remote server with a secure password. That server and all the applications you need to run your business can be shared by all your employees.

Those servers must be immense and powerful! Yes, they are. That’s a bonus for you, by the way. Using high-powered servers means that you can accomplish nearly any task without worrying that you’ll run out of storage space. Access your work from anywhere. These servers can handle complex computations and workloads at lightening speed.

more security

There’s no need to worry about data security while you’re in the cloud. The security technology that protects your data is cutting edge. It would have to be, right? Otherwise, who would risk their business? Cloud providers should go to great lengths to explain how solid their security protocols are. If you’re not sure, ask these questions.

be the leader

Customers expect a lot these days. Ask them what they want, and I’ll bet they tell you they want ease of access and high efficiency from the companies they hire. Your clients expect your business to be available whenever they need you, even if that’s after business hours. Granting clients access to their accounts means that they can edit their financial data and follow real-time changes to their accounts from any device at any time. Cloud technology gives you the power to collaborate with your staff and clients in ways that you never could before. 

consistent accuracy

Ease of access and positive client sentiment are fabulous. But, there’s another reason why more accountants should be eager to move to the cloud – accuracy. One of the best parts of cloud computing for accountants is consistent accuracy. No more duplicated (or missing!) entries or any other kind of accounting discrepancy. Anything that’s even a little bit off will be detected immediately. 

tie it all up

Even if you move only a part of your business to the cloud – say, your email and spreadsheets, you’ll be able to integrate your existing systems and applications with those in the cloud. You can put your payroll system in the cloud while storing sensitive personnel data internally. Cloud technology gives you more flexibility and control than you did when all your business processes were located on your office computers.

Worry-free client and business management systems can mean more productivity for you and your staff. No more paperwork piling up. No more lost time while your computers are down.

Give us a call. We’ll help you craft the right solution for your unique business.


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