Staying Connected in The Cloud

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Staying connected to your employees and clients is important. That’s why having the right technology is important. With the right cloud hosting provider your power to stay connected to all your necessary tools is limitless. Below are four reasons why it’s vital to have a cloud to stay connect to your business.

Having a cloud allows you to stay connected by sharing files and data with your employees and clients. It’s never been easier to synchronize all your information in real time. By being on the same server users can instantly share data and important documents on their virtual desktop. Collaboration is streamlined. Without the use to cloud computing, file transfers would be complete through email or file sharing programs such as Dropbox which are not the safest ways to exchange files.

Having a cloud also allows you to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you can stay connected while on vacation, at the airport, or sick at home. Productivity is ultimately increased and working is more flexible for you and your employees. Being able to connect to your desktop from anywhere is also important because this allows you to work and share documents while meeting with a client.

Having the ability to update your software is an important factor to staying connected. Without updating your software that you use for daily functions, you will become outdated and obsolete. Upgrades that are made available to users can be instantly downloaded. With former in house servers as I.T. this was not an instant process. By having the latest version of your software you can optimize your work flow after learning the latest features and putting them to use.

By choosing the right cloud provider, you can have peace of mind knowing you will not experience any downtime. General I.T. issues that arise can be solved in a matter of minutes and get you back up and running with the help of your cloud provider’s customer service. When looking for a cloud provider you should inquire about any data breaches, downtime, recovery and backups, and how to create support tickets with their customer service.

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