Pro Tip: MS Office Desktop vs Online

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Pro Tip: MS Office Desktop vs Online

If you’re like most SMBs, you probably live and breathe Microsoft Office. You might use the software’s (Excel) spreadsheet applications daily to keep track of spending. MS Word might be your go-to for your company communications, and PowerPoint might help you present your ideas at meetings.

If that software is installed on each staff person’s desktop computer, you might also have run into some other common issues.

When was the last time your desktop version was updated? Uh huh. It’s not your fault. You’re busy running your business. Software updates can come fast and furious sometimes. If you’re not keeping up, you could be leaving your sensitive data vulnerable to security breaches. Your older software might not offer you the flexibility you need to keep your business humming along.

Accessing MS Office via the cloud solves the problems. Your cloud provider should make sure that you have the latest versions of all software at your fingertips. That provider should also back-up your data and store it securely in several different locations. If disaster strikes, you won’t have to re-build from scratch.

Often, relying solely on desktop software limits how staff can contribute and edit documents. It might even increase the volume of emails (with attachments!) that are sent back and forth through your company. Give staff access to online software and the volume of emails will reduce dramatically. Staff can use their time more efficiently because they will be able to edit the documents with ease and communicate with colleagues and clients quickly.

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